We eliminate your need to work with agencies - find per diem RN jobs today.

connectRN is here to be your one and only resource for staffing needs to find per diem RN jobs. We are building one cross-national pool that any healthcare organization can call upon. We help reduce costs for facilities, increase the perks and benefits for nurses, and help each party collaborate easier and faster.

Mobile First

By using a mobile app we make it faster and more efficient than ever to find shifts and nurses.

Freedom of choice

No minimum or maximum requirements - pick up as many or as little shifts as you want. Work when and where you want.

Simple and Easy

Our app is built with nurses in mind, making it easy for everyone to understand and use.


Shifts have never been easier.

Find, schedule, and apply for shifts in seconds.

Nurses are able to find open shifts that healthcare facilities around them have posted. In only 3 taps, nurses are able to apply for the shifts facilities need to fill to provide quality patient care and find per diem RN jobs. Hospitals are able to post their shifts in seconds instead of sending mass texts to their nurse staffing workforce.

Set it and forget it.

Posting shifts - where nurses come to you.

Everyone hates calling or getting called in the middle of the night. Instead, after per diem RN job shifts are posted, we alert available nurses with a push notification that allows them to apply to work. Facilities can review qualified candidates in seconds and have nurses work open shifts when it matters most.


True freedom and flexibility

No minimum or maximum requirements

We believe in empowering nurses so we never tell them what they can and can’t do. We never want you to feel locked in and controlled, so we eliminated all staffing requirements. Work when and where you want with no penalties – ever.

What is connectRN?

Finally. A way for nurses and hospitals to communicate unfilled shifts more effectively. Nurses use a mobile app to find per diem RN jobs and book open shifts, and healthcare facilities tap into a massive pool of highly qualified nurses.


Whether you’re a CNA, GNA, LPN, RN, Tech, or Assistant – we’ve got a place just the job for you! We’re a top provider of per diem RN jobs, and we fill all kinds of positions.


A managers dream come true. No more endless calling, texting and pleading to get shifts filled. Manage it all in one simple place.

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How It Works

We make staffing and shifts easy

connectRN is a free mobile app built for collaboration between nurses and healthcare facilities.

Facilities simply post the shifts they need filling on the app, and nurses apply to work these shifts. From nursing homes to major hospitals, we've helped facilities of all sizes solve their per-diem nursing issues!

We make staffing and shifts easy

Ready to boost your income and find some per diem RN jobs? Let's create a profile for you and then have you download our app.

Want a closer look at the software?

Let's schedule a quick demo and we can show you all the productivity-enhancing features and how other facilities use connectRN.