11 Gifs From ‘Scrubs’ That Perfectly Explain Per Diem

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While we could go on and on about the why Per Diem is simply the bee’s knees, Carla pretty much nails it:

1 – When you go to the store after you get the average hourly wage increase

“Why yes. This is a new mink coat. Thank you for noticing esteemed colleague.”

2 – You make new friends at a bunch of new places and then do awesome things together.


3 – When you’re at work and all you can think about is the 4 day weekend ahead of you.

“Only 2.345334 more hours. I can taste my sweet, sweet freedom.”

4 – When you look at other nurses who are on their 5th day straight of 12-hour shifts.

Luckily for you, this is only going to happen if you let it. Per diem allows you to choose when and where you want to work.

5 – But then you have so many opportunities you don’t feel right turning them down.

Getting so many shifts is a blessing but at the end of this brief period you’ll be back to setting your own schedule.

6 – The down periods are awful. Agencies are supposed to be finding you work left and right.

Luckily you’re signed up with connectRN so you won’t ever have this feeling again.

7 – You have the option to take off those precious holiday’s that you never got in the past

8 – And then you start thinking about how you want the weekends off too

9 – Starting at a new hospital can be a bit intimidating – especially when you don’t know anybody yet.

10 – But over time you grow close and become valued by your co-workers

11 – And in the end, you grow really close with an unexpected mentor

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