7 Amazing How-To Ways Nurses Can Make More Money [Infographic]

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Although there are probably hundreds of different ways for nurses to make more money, we selected our top 7 favorites for you. The majority of these ways to make more money are an augmentation or extension of your full-time job. They range from continuing an education (specializing your nursing expertise) to even starting your own business.


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Nursing Salary Statistics:

The average salary for nurses in the U.S. in 2005 was $71,000. Granted this had to take in account for salaries across the entire united states, so this is a broad average. Higher salaries were found in more populated states (such as California, Texas, New York), which caused the average to inflate.

As far as employment, there were 2.7 million RNs, 720,000 LPNs and 1.5 million CNAs. This brought an entire employment – just for nurses – to over 5 million jobs. What an impact!

With over 5 million nursing jobs and the average salary of around $71,000, we could *estimate* that there was $355 billion dollars spent on salaries just for nurses!

Make More Money Tip #1: Get More Overtime

If you’ve got a stellar work ethic and ambition, this is a no-brainer and probably the easiest way to earn more money as a nurse. The average hourly wage for nurses in the United States was around $35.50/hour (again, discrepancies by nurse specialty and location). The average shift length for a nurse is about 12 hours long, meaning nurses can make $426 (before taxes) each shift. But, let’s say you picked up an extra shift after you’ve worked your normal 40 hour week.

The average shift length for a nurse is about 12 hours long, meaning nurses can make $426 (before taxes) each shift. But, let’s say you picked up an extra shift after you’ve worked your normal 40 hour week.

But, let’s say you picked up an extra shift after you’ve worked your normal 40 hour week.

This is what we do here at connectRN. We help nurses just like you earn extra income and whenever you want by picking up extra shifts.

So, if you picked up another 12-hour shift of overtime, not only do you make over time pay (the national average is about $53/hour) but you can also get a couple dollar hourly increase for taking someones place who calls in sick!

That means, that shift turns into $56/hour, or $672 per extra shift!

Now that’s some extra income for a nurse.


Make More Money Tip #2: Specialize Your Education

This is something that you’ll have to plan for while getting your nursing degree. It’s always possible to go back to school and is highly encouraged for those who want to put a little extra cash in their pocket.

Here are a few nursing specialties and their average income across the U.S:

  • Nurse Educator – $71,974
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – $82,601
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practioner – $88,441
  • Certified Nurse Midwife – $88,824
  • Neonatal Nurse – $93,430
  • Nurse Anesthetist – $135,111


Make More Money Tip #3: Pick Up Per Diem Shifts

Per Diem shifts are starting to be more and more prevalent today. Hospitals and care facilities are needing more help all the time because of the new regulations in healthcare. Millions of more people have access to healthcare now meaning that hospitals are busier than ever.

But this is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Per Diem shifts allow you to usually get a boost in hourly rate, you can find flexible scheduling, and it’s a fantastic way to get new experiences and skills.

Per Diem also means that you can work at a bunch of different hospitals so if you’re in a location with 3 different hospitals, you have three times as many opportunities!


Make More Money Tip #4: Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth (also known as telemedicine) is the process of clinical diagnosing and monitoring through technology. This means you can communicate with patients via a live audio/video link, over the phone, or ever over a webcam.

The medium income for a nurse who does telehealth nursing almost $70,000.

There are a ton of companies who you can work for to do this and most of them let you work from home.

So if you’re looking for a change of pace, maybe want to spend more time with the kids, this might be a really attractive option for you.


Make More Money Tip #5: Selling on Etsy

This one isn’t related to the nursing field (unless you have a nursing product) but selling on Etsy is a great side job and lets you earn income even when you’re sleeping! For example, if you made rope bowls, all that you’d have to do is list the product on their website, maybe advertise it a bit, and then ship it out once you’ve sold!

We’ve seen nurses who would come up with about 30 different product ideas and make about 3-5 of each and keep them in inventory. It took them a weekend of crafting (how fun!) to build it up.

Now all they do is wait for the sales to come in.

They say their favorite part of it is that they feel like they are running thier own business. While we haven’t met any nurses who have transitioned selling on etsy to their full time job, they take all of their profits and put them into a ‘rainy day’ fund.


Make More Money Tip #6: First Aid Instructor

This is another great way to earn some side cash – becoming an independent first aid instructor. In the past, some nurses have made more money doing this than their full-time nursing job!

Pretty powerful.

All you’ll need to do is visit small healthcare agencies and let them know of this new service that you’re offering.

Here’s your step by step process:

  1. Obtain CPR and first aid training (don’t forget Child and Infant CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  2. Gain experience through the Red Cross
  3. Get your business license from your county clerk’s office
  4. Identify ways to compete – offer different/bundled services your competitors don’t.
  5. Find a place to hold your classes (co-working spaces work wonders)
  6. Focus your efforts where you have seen CPR training in the past. This can be from daycare centers to local pools! A little online research on your part can go a long way.


Make More Money Tip #7: Medical/Health Writing

If you’ve ever wanted to join the freelancing boom now is your time. It has never been easier to find work and so many different companies willing to elicit your help. Because you are writing about a specific topic that takes education or training on you are able to charge a premium.

Most writers are able to charge $60 – $100 per hour after building up a little bit of a portfolio!

Here is where you can find work:

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