We are connectors.

connectRN connects the nursing community with opportunities—and one another—to build a supportive and thriving network.

What we do.

We’re a tech-enabled platform that connects nurses and aides to competitive, on-demand job opportunities.

Our vision and mission is addressing critical gaps for connectRN clinicians by providing a better way to work and get support in their lives.

We leverage technology from a nurses-first perspective to enable healthcare workers to take control of their careers and futures in a supportive community environment built with their needs in mind.

We’re making a difference by empowering nurses everywhere, one connection at a time.

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"Being a person of color in a corporate world, it can be hard to feel seen. In previous positions I have struggled with where I can feel comfortable being myself and where I need to blend certain parts of myself. When I joined connectRN, I was very happy to hear that they celebrated Juneteenth. It’s rare to feel at home at work, and I really do."