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  • Taneka Simms


My experience with connectRN has been a great, rewarding experience. Friendly atmosphere, great team members, amazing residents! Keep up the great work and thanks for the wonderful opportunity.”

Taneka's Story

Taneka Simms was hired in September and has already worked her way up to Ambassador rewards status, in less than a year! She calls in every week and to catch up about her experience which has lead to referrals of other nurses and facilities. She is truly the voice of the GNA’s in Baltimore!

"I truly enjoy working for connectRN because you guys really care about the staff, which a lot of us treasure and value. Another great thing is that you’re always reaching out! I always recommend the company any chance I get!”

  • Tabitha Gitau


Tabitha's Story

Tabitha was one of the first connectRN hires. She joined in 2017 as an LPN, picking up shifts while going to school to get her Registered Nurse license. Tabitha is now graduating from her RN program and is going to continue her nursing career with connectRN as a Registered Nurse!
  • Rebecca Ivory


As a military spouse, I have a very hard time finding work every time we move. I wasn’t sure if I would like per diem nursing, but I WAS SO WRONG! I love the flexibility of per diem nursing – and I love the employees of connectRN. I’m working with connectRN, and ONLY the shifts I want to work, which is awesome compared to working directly for a facility that might schedule you for shifts you don't want. I’m getting paid more than I’ve ever been paid for nursing work, too!"

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca is a military wife who started the on-boarding process while she was in the process of moving to Rhode Island so it took months for her to get on-board. She was really interested in joining connectRN so she kept me updated as far as the move and her obtaining her Rhode Island license. As soon her profile was approved she started picking up shifts! Her first shift was great the facility loved her and she loved the facility, the facility actually decided to block book her. Rebecca is a great nurse it’s been a pleasure working with her!

I’ve enjoyed working with ConnectRn. Using the app allows me the flexibility to sign up for shifts and submit my timesheet with no hassle."

  • Sherice Goodbar


Sherice's Story

Sherice Goodbar was hired in November 2018 before we had shifts posted in Toledo, OH. During the entire onboarding process Sherice was a pleasure to work with and extremely patient to say the least. She has been a rockstar since she’s been with us and has even been asked to train nurses to work at one of our facilities because she’s that thorough!
We can’t thank Sherice enough for all that she’s done but above all else we appreciate her continued hard work and dedication.
  • Estella Bennett


I love connectRN because they are always there for me. Whether it is a personal or professional matter, I am always treated with the utmost respect and love. If I do not have shifts scheduled, more than likely it is my choice and no fault of the company. After working for connectRN, I won’t work for any other company.

Estella's Story

Estella has been a pleasure to work with from the moment she joined the connectRN team. She has been extremely flexible and patient with us and was one of the first Clinicians that participated in our Block Booking project when we first launched it. We have received extraordinary feedback from the facility she has worked with through us and is definitely someone we hope to consider an asset to the team.

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