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The End to Nursing Agencies

By focusing on new, innovative technologies,
our patent-pending software will become the new standard for healthcare.

Where healthcare facilities come to solve their staffing needs

We are reimagining how hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities staff in today’s workforce.

The Future of Nursing

We’re not a staffing agency – we just happen to work with nurses. We create technology and experiences that help alleviate the staffing challenges we all know too well. Our patent-pending software is the future of nursing and you’re not going to want to miss out on the company that’s changing the way healthcare staffing operates.

Massively Cut Costs

No Binding Contracts

Premium Services

Managed Per Diem Pool

Gone are the days of working with agencies who gouge you in fees and exorbitant premiums on shifts. We’re here to change that.

We’re the worlds first company that puts the power in the hands of healthcare facilities and charges fair rates, all in a simple and easy to use patent-pending app.

No Endless Calling

Nurses Come to You

One Staffing Solution

Filling Per Diem Shifts has never felt easier

Our dashboard is simple and easy to use for anyone on your team. When you post shifts you need worked on our platform, we have nurses that apply to work WITH you, instead of calling in sick.

Posting shifts literally take seconds and filling them happens in minutes. No more calling all night to find replacements.

An end to working with staffing agencies

By using our web platform you’re able to access our extensive pool and manage it all on your own – however, we are always there to help manage your pool with you. Our technology allows you to eliminate using numerous agencies –  reducing your labor costs and managing your staff in one convenient location.

Our Nurses Work Hard For You

Finding talented nurses only takes a few clicks, instead of months.

We don’t mean to brag, but we have a higher fill rate than a large majority of the industry. Why? Because what we do works – and it can work for you too. Your shifts will always be filled quickly with highly qualified candidates eager to work with you.

A tool to cut labor costs and ehance your operations

It’s never made sense to work with numerous agencies, so why keep operating that way? We DRASTICALLY cut your costs because we eliminate the agencies who are gouging you in fees and are difficult to work with. Our software makes staffing and filling per diem shifts a breeze – don’t keep operating in a broken system.

The only company that we’ve worked with that really brings innovative tools to the staffing market. They identified gaps in my staffing process and leveraged technology using their app to bridge those gaps.

Join Us

If you want to try us out, our software will be forever free. If you don’t think we provide enough value to you, you can leave whenever you like. We just want to make sure you’re making the right decisions for you and your team.