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By focusing on new, innovative technologies,
our patent-pending software will become the new standard for healthcare.

It’s More Than a Staffing Platform. It’s Your Superpower.

The only app that gives you the ability to cust per-diem costs, enhance productivity, and handle staffing shortages with lightning speed.

The Future of Nursing

Gone are the days of working with staffing agencies that gouge you in fees and exorbitant premiums. We’re the world’s first staffing solution that puts the power in the hands of healthcare facilities and the nurses they depend on.

Savings of Up to 50%

No other solution delivers a lower per-diem premium. Save up to 50% on your labor costs versus staffing agencies, and up to 20% versus overtime labor.

Boosted Productivity

No more frantic calls and emails. This is the only staffing solution you need. Post shifts, fill them and manage them with just a tap. Shifts are often filled in just minutes.

No Contracts or Buyout Fees

You’re free to use us our solution for hiring, and even hire our talent for no fees! We’re not just a smarter per-diem solution, we’re your new favorite talent tool.

Managed Per Diem Pool

connectrn gives you instant access to a massive pool of highly qualified nurses. It starts with our nurses-first culture – a cultre that creates happier nurses who are eager to work for you and your patients. See how we better serve nurses >

100% Vetted Nurses

Every nurse is pre-qualified by us through an extensive multistate background check, drug screening, reference check, and interview!

Pre-Trained Your Way

connectRN handles all the training you require for your per-diem staff ahead of time. Your nurses will arrive ready to work.

Higher Fill Rates

We have one of the highest fill rates in the industry. This means you’ll have less chance of working short handled, less nurse burn-out, lower HR costs, and happier nurses

Manage Everything in One (FREE!)

Just open the connectRN app or desktop dashboard to post your available shifts. As nurses apply, simply approve the ones you like and you’re done! Best of all, the connetRN platform is totally FREE to use. You play only for the shifts you book.

Hire by Specialty & Level of Support

connectRN is the place to find highly qualified nurses and support staff in all specialties, from OR and medical-surgical to ER, psychiatric, and everything in between. Join us now to find who you’re looking for:

  1. RNs
  2. LPNs
  3. CNAs
  4. GNAs
  5. Techs
  6. Assistants
Feel Better WIth 24/7 Customer Care

Our experienced healthcare support team is on-call 24/7 if you need us. And in the rare instance that a connectRN cancels a shift, we work around-the-clock – and offer last-minute bonuses.

Get Your First 3 Shifts FREE!

Experience the future of healthcare staffing now for free. Simply complete our online form to schedule your quick connectRN demo. A member of our team will connect with you in 24 hours or less. If you like us, your first 3 shifts are completely on us.

The only company that we’ve worked with that really brings innovative tools to the staffing market. They identified gaps in my staffing process and leveraged technology using their app to bridge those gaps.

No Risk. All Rewards.

Our platform is always FREE to healthcare facilities. There are no upfront costs, contracts, or buyout costs. you pay only for the shifts you book. And, if you don’t like us, you can leave whenever you want. Our top priority is making your job easier.