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All about connectRN

connectRN is an app made for nurses and healthcare facilities to solve today’s staffing problems. Nurses use our app to find and apply for open shifts at any of our partner facilities, and facilities use connectRN to schedule, find, and recruit nurses to work these shifts.

We work with ALL types of nurses:

  1. LPNs
  2. RNs
  3. CNAs
  4. Techs
  5. Assistants
  6. GNAs
  7. And more!

On the facility side, we’re able to work with any healthcare facility that staffs nurses. This can range from long-term healthcare providers, all the way up to major chain hospitals. Our software scales to any size of facility and will always provide high-quality talent when you need it most.

We get this question a lot. We don’t view ourselves as a nursing agency because we are a technology company, building solutions that increase the collaboration between nurses and healthcare facilities. However, we take an active role in screening and the hiring process with nurses so we’re able to ensure quality talent for everyone. We work with thousands of nurses and view them all apart of our team and staff.

We have two major markets we’re working in right now – the Boston and Baltimore areas. However, we’re expanding really quickly, and just because we don’t have any partners in your location yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up. In fact, the more nurses we have signed up in new locations means the faster we are to find partners in your location!

Absolutely! We work with ALL kinds of nurses. Here are just a few:

  1. RNs
  2. CNAs
  3. GNAs
  4. LPNs
  5. Techs
  6. Assistants
  7. and more!

Don’t hesitate to chat us up on Intercom (our messenger on the website) and ask any questions you might have!

There are multiple ways to get started. You can create a profile here and this is the recommended way to start. After you complete your profile we’ll grant you access to our app (iPhone and Android) and then you can start picking up shifts whenever you like!

Verification & Employment

In most cases, unfortunately, no. We take onboarding and orientations seriously and want to ensure that we’re a good fit for you and vice versa. Normally it takes a little while for you to become ‘100% ready’ with connectRN and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are a few different things we need to check before you’re ready to rock. The majority of the verification process is checking out the documents we need upon your sign up; things like nursing license, location, drivers license, job history, your specialties and skills, and your CPR and ACLS certifications.

Sort of. Although we don’t view ourselves as a staffing agency we work hand in hand and the day-to-day with our nurses. When you complete a worked shift connectRN will actually be the one you receive a check from. However, you are technically not employed by connectRN or the facility you worked at. Instead, you’re an ‘independent contractor.’ Think of like an Uber Driver, but with nursing shifts.

This a pretty broad question, so we feel like this link is going to do a better job of explaining: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/independent-contractor-defined


Luckily it’s super easy to become a partner! We work with a ton of different kinds of healthcare facilities/providers so we feel pretty confident that we can solve your staffing problems.

However, to get signed up all you have to do is send a quick note and request a bit of information from one of our stellar teammates, Brad Ruzicka. He can handle any questions you might have and he’ll act as your guide to getting set up. Or, you can schedule a demo here.

Totally! You can contact Brad Ruzicka to get a 1-on-1 demo. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes of your team so don’t feel like you’re getting wrapped into something you don’t want.

Absolutely – we work with all types of healthcare providers of many different sizes. Whether you’re a small long-term healthcare facility or a massive hospital chain, our solution scales and provides the same benefits to everyone! If you are already working with any staffing providers you’re more than likely the perfect fit for connectRN.

Good news! The software is always free! Although we don’t think of ourselves as a staffing agency, our revenue model is still fairly close – we have a simple and affordable upcharge on each shift. And we do mean affordable, as we think staffing agencies are gouging you in fees and premiums.

If you want to continue working with tons of different staffing agencies who are charging you an arm and a leg, we can’t stop you. But if you’re looking for a solution that provides all of your staffing needs, AND cheaper than most alternatives, then we should chat about how we can serve you.

We don’t operate like the staffing agencies that have been around for 30+ years. We’re bringing speed, efficiency, and bottom-line savings to healthcare providers all over the world.

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