Welcome to connectRN

– Your Guide to Enrolling in connectRN –

By completing a few simple steps, you can start applying for nursing shifts with connectRN in as little as 48 hours. Sign Up Now!


The Login Screen

Enter your name, email address, and create a password.


Contact Info Screen

Enter your current address, first name, last name, and your number.

We’ll use this number to reach you!


Job History

Here you’ll want to enter all the places you’ve previously worked.

You can enter them one-by-one or upload your resume altogether.


Documents Screen

We need clean copies of your driver’s and nursing licenses, and your CPR and ACLS certifications.

Scan a copy or take a picture of them with your phone, and then upload them!


Roles & Specialities

First, select your role (which could be CNA, RN, GNA, etc.)

Next, you’ll select your specialty (things like pediatrics, emergency, rehab, etc.)



You’ll want to give as much detail as possible. 

If you excel at something, let us know here! Your skills help our partners better understand why you’re the perfect fit.

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