Note: Before you can begin using STATCash benefits, you must request a payment card. If you are at Gold, Platinum, or Ambassador level, please email or call 617-944-1515 Ext. 3 to have a card sent to you and follow the activation instructions. 

2 Shifts Worked - 200 points

10 Shifts Worked - 1,000 points

The new, fast way to get paid for shifts.

For every eligible shift displaying the STATCash logo, you will be paid out next day business day on your STATCash card. Cards are available to all Gold Tier Clinicians - contact payroll to have a card sent to you.

50 Shifts Worked - 5,000 points

Platinum Gift Box
  • Swig Triple Insulated Vacuum-Sealed Bottle
  • Nordic Copper Vac Tumbler
  • Custom Headband


When did I start receiving loyalty points?

Loyalty points have been added to active clinician accounts for every shifts worked after 12/1/2018. Points will only be counted when a shift is logged with Check In/Check Out.

How do I enroll in the loyalty program?

All connectRN clinicians are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. As long as you are in good standing with connectRN, you will receive loyalty benefits as you reach a new loyalty tier.

Do my loyalty points expire?

Loyalty points are counted over a rolling 12 month time period. Shifts worked over a year in the past will not be included in the loyalty point total.

What is 

STATCash allows you to get paid fast! STATCash shifts will be paid out the next business day and is only available on eligible shifts that are listed with the STATCash logo. To be eligible for a STATCash card, you must be at Gold status. Once you have achieve Gold status, reach out to or call 617-944-1515 Ext. 3 to have a card sent to you.

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