What our partners say

Don’t take our word, take theirs.

“Innovative Tools”

The only company that we’ve worked with that really brings innovative tools to the staffing market. They identified gaps in my staffing process and leveraged technology using their app to bridge those gaps.

— Johnathan
Staffing Manager at Lifebridge Health

“Decreased Our Costs”

Dealing with staffing challenges can be stressful … and labor expenses alone can be costly. With connectRN, you can trust their staff as if they were your own, which gives you security. Also, decreasing labor costs, especially overtime, is a plus. We’ve seen a drop in both areas.

— Taressa
Staffing Manager at Autumn Lake

“Easy to Use”

connectRN is easy to use. Saves hundreds of phone calls we did before and the screening process ensures that I get quality staff every time.

— Johnathan
Staffing Manager at Lifebridge Health

“On-Demand Staff”

Since we started using connectRN we’ve been able to fill a significant amount of shifts and a percentage of fully staffed shifts actually went up. connectRN technology and partnership have given us an on-demand staff of clinicians that we don’t have to manage.

— Johnathan
Staffing Manager at Lifebridge Health

“Five Stars”

It’s so easy and intuitive to use the app to schedule myself at all kinds of facilities. connectRN has allowed me to create the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. Five stars!

— Karen Avnery
Registered Nurse – Massachusetts

“Freedom & Flexibility”

connectRN gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to live my own life and still make great money as a nurse. I no longer have to work any nights, weekends, or holidays if I don’t want to. I create my own schedule and get paid weekly.

— Alice Hodgins
Licensed Practical Nurse – Maryland